From today, in addition to a belt or a scarf, why not be able to choose a mask if you have the possibility?

Mask-à-porter was born with the intention of offering an accessory that is such in all respects.
A refined and elegant product, suitable for those people who want to experience all the beauty that surrounds them without giving up their own style.

MADE IN ITALY. Sartorial experience. Quality fabrics.

Mask-à-porter is a 100% Italian project.

The care and passion behind each mask are those typical of Made in Italy. The sartorial experience is that of a laboratory in Borgosesia, Confitri Sartoria, active since the 1940s in the packaging of tailor-made products. The selection of noble fabrics from the best textile manufacturers guarantees the high quality of a product of excellence.

Mask anatomy

The mask has been studied and designed in compliance with the ministerial regulations and indications. The minimal design accompanies any look in a sober and elegant way while guaranteeing optimal comfort. The mask is made up of two different layers: an external one made of cotton or linen depending on the model and an internal one in 100% antibacterial and anti-drip cotton. This is a personal protection item and does not constitute a medical device and / or PPE.